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Families and Family Members

Are you concerned about a family member’s ability to pay bills or provide for daily living services?  Does your family member or you need someone short term or are you planning to protect future needs or wishes?  Whether a short or long term involvement, RFS can assist you. 

a.       You live out of state and your loved one has had a medical event and is confused with all the paperwork from insurance plans and medical providers.  RFS can assist the family member or you in organizing all the paperwork, including medical explanation of benefits (EOBs) and making any co-payments.

b.      You have been appointed as your family member’s guardian, conservator, trustee, personal representative, power of attorney or other decision making authority.  Are you confused on what your responsibilities are and how to proceed in carrying out your duties?  Do you live out of state and need someone locally to assist with your responsibilities? - RFS can help.

c.       You need an agent under a power of attorney or a court appointed fiduciary, to guarantee you or your family member’s current or future needs are met - RFS can help.

d.      Do you need a professional to provide expertise or testimony regarding fiduciary duties?  J. R. Rittenhouse of RFS has over 25 years of experience in the fiduciary field.  J. R. is known for her expertise and has developed and implemented ethical standards for the professional industry locally and nationwide. 


Special Master Appointments

Have you been appointed on a case with a potential financial exploitation issue or are the parties not in agreement on issues?  Have you considered the appointment of a Special Master under the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure?

a.       RFS has been appointed by the Superior Court in Maricopa and Yavapai Counties under the A.R.S. Rules of Civil Procedure 53(a) to act as a Special Master.  Under these types of appointments, RFS can provide an independent neutral opinion complete with a detailed investigation or plan.  Investigations or plans are constructed and concluded with the filing of a detailed report and exhibits which may result in settlements of conflict or other appropriate actions.

b.      After completion of the final report in a recent Special Master appointment, a party stated after review of the final report:  “Ms. Rittenhouse was appointed as Special Master/Investigator for a case involving elder abuse of my uncle. I found her work to be in depth, accurate, impartial and very professional. The clarity of her final report made the process move along since there wasn't any need for further questions as to what she was saying. I would have no problem whatsoever recommending her professional services. Sincerely, John F.”


Professional Fiduciaries

Professional fiduciaries confront many issues in carrying out their duties and in operating a successful business.  RFS can assist you.

a.       Do you want to reduce your business’s risks of exposure and limit liabilities?  RFS can conduct a compliance audit or quality review of your organization.  RFS provides general consultations as well to help you limit risk.  During her tenure with the Arizona Supreme Court, J. R. Rittenhouse of RFS instituted the compliance audit process for licensed fiduciaries in Arizona and conducted audits of licensed fiduciaries in both the public and private sector.  As a member of the Board of Directors of the National Guardianship Association, J. R. conducted quality improvement reviews of the Vermont Public Guardian’s Office and the Delaware Chancery Court.


b.      Do you need a professional to provide expert testimony?  J. R. Rittenhouse of RFS has over 25 years of experience in the fiduciary field.  J. R. is known for her ethical conduct and development and implementation of ethical standards for the professional industry locally and nationwide. 




References will be supplied upon request.

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